Who We Are

Englewood Beach Waterfest Inc. is a 501c3 Florida Corporation whose mission is to stage spectator events, participant competitions and educational forums that showcase Englewood’s unique water resources and recreational opportunities. Net proceeds benefit local charities.

Waterfest is an aggregation of local business people, citizens, civic groups, and charities who work together in this all-volunteer organization. While the most of the events and activities are executed in the fall shoulder-season, year round planning, fundraising, permitting, marketing, coordination and publicity require tens of thousands of volunteer hours per year. As evidenced by the following list of Board Members, it is clear that the Waterfest initiatives are competently represented by the accomplished talents of its leaders and their respective local businesses which they own, manage or represent.

Board of Directors

President Ray LaBadie
1st Vice President Ken Andresen
2nd Vice President Tanya Moore
Secretary Steve Schroeder

Board Members

Ken Kuenzie
Jack Donavan
Rick Peitz
Steve Gardiner
Jeremy Jones
David Lutz
Jim Guzowski

While the Board is the pillar of the organization, its committed volunteers are its foundation. Following are a sampling of local professionals who donate their expertise, we are indebted to them and many others.

Lori Emery Attorney Wellbaum and Emery, PA
Mark Knauf Accountant Mark H. Knauf CPA