Pirate Poker Run FAQ

1. What is a Poker Hand?

A poker hand is 5-cards drawn from a deck of 52 cards.

2. What is the cost of the 1st hand?

$30 for individuals and $125 per boat (5 hands of Poker)

3. When and where do I get my 1st hand?

You can pickup your 1st hand at the Captain’s Party on August 23rd, or at Cape Haze Marina on the day of the Poker Run, Saturday, August 24th at 9am.

4. Can I buy a 2nd hand when I register?

We are only selling the 1st hands when you register, but you CAN purchase additional hands at the Captain’s Party (August 23rd at Sand Tiki Bar & Grille) or at any of the Poker Run Stops on the day of the event, at a cost of $15 for each additional hand.

5. I read that I receive a shirt with my registration, how do I get that?

You will receive your shirt at the Captain’s Party, or you can pick up your shirt on Saturday, 9am at Cape Haze Marina.

6. Is there a time limit for submitting our hands to qualify for prizes?

Yes, you MUST submit your last hand by 4pm in order for it to be registered, to allow our organizers time to calculate winning hands.

7. If I join the Poker Run by car, or bike, where do I park?

There will be adequate parking for registered players, at all (5) Stops, and we will have volunteers to direct you as you drive into the locations.

8. Can I bring my children with me?

This will be an adult-only event; the minimum age to participate is 18 years old.  

9. Is there a specific route I have to take to hit all (5) Spots?

There is no planned route, but the Captain’s Party is where you will pick up your 1st hand. On Saturday, just ensure you have hit all (5) designated spots by 4pm for your hand to be submitted for prize consideration.

10. How am I notified if my hand wins?

You need to be present at the final stop, Lighthouse Grill, where prizes will be announced at 6pm.