Poker Run Rules

Waterfest Official Poker Run Rules will be strictly enforced for fairness to all Waterfest Poker Players, No exceptions.

  1. Travel Safe, Please respect our South West Florida environment, enjoy the Sun and HAVE FUN!
  2. The Waterfest wristband must be worn at time of presenting five different Waterfest Poker Chips
  3. No wristband or insufficient Poker Chips is “NO PLAY”
  4. Extra Purchased Waterfest Poker Hand Vouchers require a Waterfest wristband to purchase extra hand poker chips from a Dealer.
  5. When the Waterfest Poker Run playing tables officially close no latecomers will be allowed to begin play.
  6. Each participant must surrender all five colors of Waterfest Poker Chips at the time of playing their hand. The Poker Game will be ‘Five-Card Stud” with all cards dealt face up for all four players to observe.
  7. Empty, vacant, un-filled, player positions at the poker table will be dealt cards by the Waterfest Dealer “FACE UP”.

Two Waterfest Poker Tables will be in use for a maximum of four players per game each, therefore assuring a high probability of “great cards” with a maximum of 20 of 52 cards dealt face up.

  • Any player may purchase up to two extra cards to enhance their hand at $5.00 per extra card, CASH Only before leaving the table. Unfortunately, due to time constraints no credit cards may be used.

Full Extra five-card hands may be purchased at any time from a Dealer for $15.00 CASH with a WF Wristband; subject to all Waterfest rules as follows:

The “up to two extra cards” to enhance a player’s hand at $5.00 per extra card will also apply to all extra $15.00 purchased hands.

All Waterfest wrist banded participants first “Chips-in Hand” cards and all extra cost purchased hands listed above must be completed by the 6:00 PM CLOSE. No refunds for unused hands will be made by Waterfest.

Food Donation “Raffle” Rules

$100.00 Cash Prize

  • All Submitted Food Items will be Examined By Waterfest and/or the Charities’ Representatives. — Their Decision on Acceptance or Rejection is Final.
  • One White Waterfest Raffle Ticket Will be Awarded Per Accepted Item Up to Ten Per Person.
  • Each Individual Food Item Must Be Over $1.00 Retail Value to Be Eligible. — No Chewing Gum, Candy Bars, Jell-o, etc.
  • Accepted Food Items Must be Original Non-Perishable, Sealed Metal, Glass, Plastic, Carboard or Paper Containers — E.g., Soup, Sauces, Vegetables, Cereal, Pickles, Olives, Oils, Canned Meat (Tuna & Chicken), Cookies, Chips, etc. — All Vacuum Seals Must Be In Place.
  • Accepted Food Items With “Use By” or “Expiration Dates” — Must Have a Minimum Remaining Four Month Validity.
  • Items Sold in Quantity in Bundled Packaging Must be Complete. — No Separation or Missing Product is Allowed (E.g., No “Separated” Bundled Children School Lunch Packages).
  • Alcoholic Beverages Are Not Allowed.
  • Food Products Requiring Refrigeration or Freezing Are Not Allowed — E.g., Milk, Yogurt, Meats, Ice Cream, etc.
  • Fresh Foods with Limited Shelf Life Are Not Allowed — E.g., Vegetables, Bananas, Fruit, Apples, Oranges, Potatoes, etc.

KW Kayser
Rev. 2022.06.30