Parking & Bus Routes for Race Weekend

Race Weekend Transportation… UPDATED!!!!

There are three bus routes and several convenient parking areas throughout Englewood.  

You will need a Passport to ride the bus.  Although there will be some locations during the weekend that will be selling Passports, if you purchase your Race Village Passport early it will be much more convenient for you during Race Weekend.  

Make your plans now … we think you’ll be happy to see how easy bus transportation will be.  If your child can sit on your lap, he/she will not need a bus pass.  (Please remember, there are no coolers allowed at Race Village.)


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  1. Wanda Raile

    Last year we parked at the Engkewood Sports Complex on River Rd. Is there going to be bus pickup there this year?

  2. bob

    Where can I get parking, bus/shuttle route, bus/shuttle schedule information?